Investigative Interviews

Investigative interviews can be the deciding factor in eliciting and determining truth.
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[content_icon_box heading=”Develop Information” heading_size=”h5″ icon_position=”left” icon_style=”style-4″ link_target=”_self” icon_name=”icon-list-bullet”]Our interviews are designed to develop information like statement inconsistencies and insights into activities.[/content_icon_box]
[content_icon_box heading=”Determine Behavior” heading_size=”h5″ icon_position=”left” icon_style=”style-4″ link_target=”_self” icon_name=”icon-map”]Determine behavioral information of the subject indicative of their truthfulness or deception regarding the issue under investigation.[/content_icon_box]
[content_icon_box heading=”Unearth Facts” heading_size=”h5″ icon_position=”left” icon_style=”style-4″ link_target=”_self” icon_name=”icon-search-2″]Determine whether or not the person being interviewed did, in fact, commit the act under investigation.[/content_icon_box]
Investigative Interviews

We have years of experience conducting interviews designed to elicit information and determine truth. Our professional investigators and interviewers have undergone specialized Behavioral Analysis Interview training to specifically develop questions for your case that serve to help identify those persons who should be eliminated from suspicion, and those who are most likely involved in committing the act under investigation.

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Interview Uses
  1. 1
    Internal Investigations
  2. 2
    Telephone Interviews
  3. 3
    Candidate Interviews
Interviews With Results

The techniques we use during our interview process have been shown to correctly identify truthfulness 85% of the time when used properly by trained interviewers in a recent study with the National Security Agency.

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