Special Master Services

Let our professional Special Master and network of designees assist you in hosting and coordinating your Special Master sale or auction.
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[content_icon_box heading=”Experienced” heading_size=”h5″ icon_position=”left” icon_style=”style-3″ link_target=”_self” icon_name=”icon-tag”]We’ve personally conducted and coordinated hundreds of Special Master sales[/content_icon_box]
[content_icon_box heading=”Trusted” heading_size=”h5″ icon_position=”left” icon_style=”style-3″ link_target=”_self” icon_name=”icon-key”]We’ve built trust by delivering sales results on time consistently.[/content_icon_box]
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Special Masters with Solid Reputations.

We’ve built a solid reputation for integrity and professionalism acting as a Special Master for law firms and financial institutions in New Mexico.  We have a large and specially trained designee network that can service most counties in the state of New Mexico.

We’re proud of our iron clad reputation for integrity.  Put us to the test.

Name Us As Special Master.
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Let Us Help You Through The Process.

Let our experienced Special Master staff schedule, hold, and report on your next Special Master sale.  You’ll be impressed by our professionalism, preparedness, and precision.